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Ryan Morrell

Ryan lives in Kansas and has for most of his life.  He grew up in Atwood, KS before his father's career brought their family to the central Kansas and Wichita areas.  Ryan spent the first half of his working career as a certified HVAC mechanic and holds his master mechanical license.  He worked at the City of Wichita for several years as an HVAC technician and Residential Home Inspector.  After earning his Bachelor of Business degree in 2020, Ryan moved back to the private sector and now manages properties for a leading commercial real estate property manager here in Kansas in addition to buying and selling homes.  An avid learner, Ryan will graduate with his MBA in October and will be Six Sigma and PMP certified.  He is excited to bring all these skills and experiences to you and your family as you find and purchase your dream home! 

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys watching his son, Matthew, rodeo as a bare back bronc rider.  He also loves getting on the water to fish for crappie and pours his own crappie baits!  Next time you see him, ask him for some samples! A practicing Catholic, Ryan attends mass at St. Catherine of Siena and loves being a family man.  Ryan's friends know that he will always lend a helping hand or offer suggestions.  When asked to describe himself, he said, “I am self-motivated, a fast learner, and a multitasker, who wants to take on challenges." Ryan will work hard to serve you and your family in achieving your goals, too!  Call him today to get started making your dreams come true!

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